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Many sites on the web today offer free searches for email addresses as well as other information about people. In the early days of the Internet it became fadish to look for old friends, relatives and past fellow employees and one way to do that was to search using an email address. Today there are those who search for free ways to harvest email addresses so they can spam the addresses and there are a fair number of people just wanting to know to whom a specific email address belongs.

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Searching for someone using his or her email address is known as a 'reverse search' meaning such a serach is the reverse or opposite of the normal or original way of searching which would be by using a person's name to find an email addresss. Email providers like AOL and Hotmail don't publish their users' email addresses for obvious reasons of privacy but people do (unwittingly) put their email addresses on the Internet - on websites, in forums and blogs, etc. where they are indexed by Google and other search engines (and harvested by e-mail extracting software programs). Many email addresses can be found just Googling for them.

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This phrase is listed on the Internet as being a popular search phrase but it's intent isn't entirely clear. It could have several meanings, uses or intentions. The user could be looking for an email address to call his own. He could be looking for the owner of an email address. Search email addresses for what? or why? It could be just someone curious as to which sites rank highly for such a phrase.


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