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About Free Google People Search

Search Google for people's an Ex, special interests, or phone number with WebSeekPro. Exploration resources like Go and Altavista are many. Web Seek Pro finds specialties (similar to Open Directory and Lycos) and puts them into one intricate form which appeals to a broad range of international users.

People Search Google

Locate people's mentors, Utah Archives, special interests and many search details.

Google People Search didn't start out to be necessarily about finding people. The intent was to index the Worldwide Web's webpages and present those pages for relevant key-word searches. People information kinda came along with the package. Of course early interest in WWW search has been searching for ones self - an activity that became known as Googling. The next logical step was to user Google to search for old friends, family members, ex-military and college buddies, etc. Over the years Google has become much more proficient at weeding out junk sites and indexing quality information which happens to include information about people.

Find People in Google

Find People using Google as you would with most other search services - enter part or all of a person's name and view the results. Common names of course will return a large number of web pages because all web pages will be presented (even millions of them) which contain any of the names used in the search. A search for Mary Smith, for example, returns 30 million web pages, the first listing being that of 'Mary Smith' of EastEnders played by Linda Davidson. Including a middle initial of J returns 21,400,000 web pages for Mary J. Smith. Interestingly enough, including the middle name Jane swells the returns back up to 37,000,000.

Google People Finder

Google People Finder will return fewer results if the search phrase (the person's name) is placed in double quotation marks because Google will only present webpages which have that exact phrase (or name) on the web page. Entering "Mary Jane Smith" with the quote marks returns only 37,400 pages with that exact name on them. That's a significant drop from 37 million. The opposite applies of course with less common names. Another way to search for a specific person is to use the person's name in conjunction with a last known area of residence, like a U.S. state or a region. Keep in mind that a person's name must have been written on a web page in order for the name to have been indexed. That includes blogs, forums, websites and RSS feeds.

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