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The process of finding someone by his or her telephone number is referred to as a 'reverse search' because a normal search is using conducted by using a person's name then searching for things like their phone numbers. As databases and Internet/computer capabilities improved so did people's desire to reach out and touch others. Today conducting a people search by phone number is a routine process practiced literally millions of times each day.

Telephone Number Search

Searching for a telephone number usually begins by entering a person's name or a business name online just as it was done with printed directories, except nowadays searching can be faster. Some problems still exist like outdated phone numbers and unlisted telephone numbers. As with printed phone books, the person for whom you are looking must be listed in the directory in which you are searching or he or she won't be found. It seems people have come to expect that their computers should give them what they want even when it is impossible to find a record.

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Listings in phone-book directories usually get there because someone wants the phone number to be in the directory and made the effort to submit it or place it there. Another reason why you may not be able to locate the person for which you search is because he/she doesn't want to be found. Today owners of telephone numbers can opt out of lists and if they do that, they aren't going to found no matter where you look.


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