Mass Bulk Email Zoho Accounts Contacts

Perhaps you’ve found no easy answer in Zoho Help for mass or bulk emailing Accounts, Contacts, Prospects or Leads. These instructions pertain to Accounts. Sending e-mail to other groups may vary somewhat.

Use filters in Zoho to determine the group of people who are to receive a message saved in an email template.

Create an Email Template

  1. In Zoho click on Setup
  2. Click on Mail-Merge Templates:
  3. Create Template in Zoho Writer
  4. Give the template a name (and description).
  5. Indicate the location where the template will be stored.
  6. Select the Module and click Create.
  7. Compose the email.
  8. Go to Tools > Mail Merge > Insert Merge Field to enter mail-merge fields.
  9. There is no save button. The document will auto save when the screen in closed and the saved document will appear on the ensuing screen.

Define Email Recipients

  1. Go to Accounts on the main menu.
  2. Directly under accounts hover over the field just below Accounts and select ‘Create View’.
  3. Type a name for the View.
  4. If the View will be used frequently, check ‘Mark as Favorite’.
  5. Select any entry in the Selected-Columns box and Click the red x to remove it.
  6. Select an entry in ‘Available Columns’ and click Add to add it. Repeat as needed.
  7. Check who should be allowed to see the View.
  8. Under Specify Criteria click the up/down arrow in the ‘None’ box and select the criteria for defining the people to receive the email.
  9. In the box to the right, select the ‘filter’. If a numerical field was selected above, math operators will appear. Otherwise ‘if statements’ will appear. Choose one.
  10. In the last box enter the search parameter.
  11. Click on Save.

Merge Records with Email Template

  1. Saving the record will return a list of recipients. Check the box to the left of Account Name to select all records.
  2. Click the down arrow next to More Actions and press Mail Merge.
  3. On the next screen select the template for the email and click Merge.
  4. Edit the template if necessary.
  5. Note the message at the top: “Changes are saved only in current Document. Use…”
  6. To preview the mailing, go to Tools > Mail Merge > Finish and Merge > Preview Merged Document.
  7. To send the mailing, go to Tools > Mail Merge > Finish and Merge > Email Merged Document.
  8. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Email field.
  9. A subject must be entered and can contain a field (like Hello Accounts_First_Name).
  10. Press Send.
  11. If a message appears, one or more records chosen don’t have an email address.

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