Outlook Email Sending Blank Messages

Unfortunately the mistake was made recently to take Microsoft up on a free-trial offer of MS Office 365. When the program was removed it totally destroyed the functionality of Office 2007 Outlook, forcing an upgrade to Office 2013. Surely MS is aware of this possibility so it stands that ‘they’ are knowingly distributing 365 with the intent of blowing out previous editions of Office.

Ok, pay the ransom and off to using the much-improved new program, Office 2013. Not. After 5 days of testing and suspecting anti-virus programs, firewalls and aliens from outer space as causes, it was discovered that the shortcuts that lead to saved emails using 2007 in .msg format would no longer function properly in that it was possible to open the saved emails using shortcuts but the text was being deleted from the bodies of the messages.

In searching the Internet in hope of help, it’s apparent that issues like this have existed for years with no clear remedies being offer, particularly by the source creating the problem! A solution was never found. It should that be that difficult.

It was however discovered that it became necessary to open each saved email in .msg format and save it to .oft (office template) format, create a shortcut to it and amend properties as desired (naming the shortcut, changing the icon, etc.).

Yet another fiasco from one of the richest men in America, doled out with all the carelessness of a rodeo bull rider… Lesson learned (again): Run trial software on a computer that isn’t an integral part of daily business.

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